Indonesian Film Industry Players Continue to Fight Piracy

Piracy is still a big enemy for the creative economy industry, including the national film industry. Launching data from the Institute for Economic and Community Research (LPEM) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), University of Indonesia (UI) which was held in Jakarta, Medan, Bogor, and Deli Serdang in 2017, the potential losses caused by film piracy are predicted to reach more than Rp. 1.4 trillion. Illegal downloading of content is suspected to be one of the causes of this loss. This is why legal consultant is needed.

Filmmaker and Board of Trustees of the Film Producers Association (Aprofi), Mira Lesmana, stated that piracy must be taken seriously. Remember, this is a joint problem and loss. The film industry is being hurt by piracy because its income is threatened, which means that all jobs related to filmmaking are also threatened, from producers to actors to catering to production transportation drivers.

“This applies to various industries facing piracy. We must take firm action against the pirates and move together to change the mindset of society by continuing to provide an understanding of the importance of respecting intellectual property rights, “he explained in a release on Sunday (8/11/2020).

In line with Mira’s statement, Chairman of Aprofi, Edwin Nazir, stated that pirates are tantamount to thieves. They steal hard work created intellectual property rights.

“Piracy must be dealt with firmly. As a result of piracy, the loss of the national film industry reaches Rp 5 trillion each year, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Indonesian Film Agency, Chand Parwez Servia, also spoke up regarding piracy. According to him, piracy is an act of violating the law that must be stopped immediately, through legal action against the perpetrator and socialization to users.

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