Digital Consumption, Between Piracy and Paid Content

Piracy continues to haunt creators in Indonesia. Although digital technology is starting to develop, the battle with pirates continues today. Several platforms are starting to emerge with various solutions to overcome this. It doesn’t waste energy fighting piracy, but eases the mechanism so that creators can be rewarded more properly.  That is why law firm Indonesia is needed 

The settlement of piracy cases in Indonesia is like a tangled thread that has no end. The latest case that is busy talking is the case of closing illegal movie streaming sites. This incident divided the Internet community into two camps, those who regretted it and those who welcomed it positively. I am personally quite sure that illegal movie streaming sites are one of the reasons for the bloody survival of the video on demand (legal) platform in Indonesia.

The internet is developing in Indonesia together with the idea that everything in it is free, including photos, videos, images, text and more. There are still many people who think that everything that is put on the internet belongs to the public. In other words, it can be used by anyone and for anything.

Unfortunately, this wrong view is still believed by many people, even new internet users. This makes the task of educating about licensing and copyright even harder.

The main problem is the reluctance to pay for digital content. The barrier wall called the payment system has begun to come down thanks to the e-money platform and integration with many systems. The problem of “being lazy to go to the ATM to transfer” or “don’t have a credit card” is slowly disappearing.

Finally we return to the classic question “if anyone is free, why pay”. Even in digital content there is the hard work of the creator of the work who must stay alive and support his family.

Founder Karyakarsa Ario Tamat revealed that the tendency of people to pirate or are reluctant to pay for a work is due to a lack of understanding of the impact.

“In my opinion, there is no awareness about copyright, along with the perceived impact. For example, maybe most of us just lightly torrent a film series that is not available in Indonesia, because the impact is not visible for content creators. In fact, ‘Ah, Disney is already rich, it’s wrong to not release it in Indonesia’ for example, or ‘no daddy Taylor Swift has a lot of money’. The consequences for hijackers are not clear, ”explained Ario.
Paying for digital content actually works if the context in question is games. Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and other popular mobile games have become the first experiences for many gamers to pay for their first items. The increasingly flexible form of Google Play payment makes game players not hesitate to exchange their money for diamonds or coins in the game. Furthermore ask law firm jakarta for more information.

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