How Do We Stay Secure Online?

The Internet is a fantastic thing, but it has so many computers and devices connected leaves us vulnerable to a whole host of cybercrime and viruses. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure you are protected.

I was concerned about being online-how do I stay safe?

Many people are concerned about their internet security, and with good reason. It is true that the Internet can be a source of many scams-and there are always horror stories in the newspapers about the virus infects machines and hackers from accessing personal information online.

So it would be easy to think that browsing the internet is a dangerous activity. But stay safe online is the same as staying safe anywhere- take proper precautions from the beginning, use your common sense, and you can protect yourself from the problem.

In the same way that you lock your house and close the windows when you go out, your computer needs some basic security to guard against intruders. As soon as you connect, you need to put some security systems. But do not think that you are on your own in trying to protect your device your ISP internet, data center services, computer manufacturers and software engineers continue to try to improve security, and automatically build safeguards to help you.

What do I need?

Your computer has three lines of defense (or should be). Each of these help keep your computer safe from attacks. Three systems are firewalls, antivirus software and operating system up-to-date.

First, what is a firewall?

If you are connected to the Internet via a home broadband router, it will almost certainly have some protective software called a firewall built in. When you’re online, you’re connected to another computer to access their services. In contrast, other computers on the internet access services can be served by your computer.

digital firewall acts as a barrier, blocking access to your computer unless you allow it. It is a bit like a nightclub bouncer, standing between your home computer and troublemakers net.

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