Change of Age and Copyright

Although copyright has been regulated in various laws and treaties in various countries, at home and abroad, there is no warning that many violations still occur. This is why intellectual property rights are needed. What is categorized as a copyright infringement itself means actions that violate these rights, such as the use of a work that is the personal right of the author without permission, or registration of copyright by other people who are not copyright holders. In addition to the lack of public awareness and knowledge, changing times is also a factor that can be linked to rampant copyright infringement.

Since the end of the 20th century, various infrastructures in the field of communication, including computer networks, mobile phones, to broadcasting via satellite, have slowly but surely experienced rapid development. Computers have now become an inseparable part of people’s lives. Not only in writing activities, but also in music and cinematography production, as well as in consumption activities.

With the development of technology, everyone can become a creator, even without too deep knowledge. With our entry into the era of digitalization, the process of making copies and transforming a creation has become very easy. Digitalization also allows technology users to maintain consistent quality, no matter how many times work is copied. Even because of the same quality as the original work, one copy can be used again to make further copies.

The ease with which one can copy work with the development of technology, on the other hand, provides an opening for the copyright problem. Violation of translation rights and the right to maintain the integrity of a work is a threat given the way to copy and make changes to the original work. It is possible to exploit a work without compromising its quality, with certain high-quality mediums. CD-ROM (compact disc read-only memory) for example.

Copying in large numbers without permission from the author is certainly a violation. This can cause the creator to lose trust in the community who enjoys his work. Intellectual property rights need to be protected in this country.

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