Online Piracy Spread in Indonesia, Now is the Time for a Change

Online piracy not only affects film companies, it also affects all private and small Indonesian businesses involved in the production and distribution of entertainment content. This is why, company consultant Indonesia is needed. 

The economic cost of piracy impacts the entire content industry. According to London-based Digital TV Research, online TV and film piracy cost the content industry an estimated US$31.8 billion in global revenue in 2019, and will reach US$51.6 billion by 2022. Economic losses are likely to have consequences. social media when the creative content industry is simultaneously taking a huge hit.

With piracy rampant, there is less revenue for the content industry to grow and create new content. As the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Johnny G Plate recently said: “Accessing pirated films will have a bad impact on Indonesia. In the long run, it hinders the creativity of our own nation’s children”.

Danger For Consumers

The financial harm that online piracy has caused Indonesia’s creative industries is undeniable. However, the losses that occur to consumers themselves are just beginning to be understood, where these losses are caused by the relationship between content piracy and malware. Accessing piracy websites like indoXXi is very risky for consumers.

Unfortunately, many users are not aware of the real risks of malware infection when accessing piracy sites. The types of malware embedded in ads or content files can include very dangerous malware such as ransomware or remote access trojans that allow hackers to activate and record from the device’s webcam without the victim knowing.

With 63% of Indonesian consumers accessing pirated streaming websites, there is an urgent need for the government to immediately stop the huge illegal income that goes into the pockets of criminal groups and also protect the Indonesian and international creative industries.

Currently, efforts to protect the creative industry are already underway, KOMINFO has blocked more than 1,000 piracy sites and illegal applications. However, much remains to be done, with relevant government departments and industry working together to take stronger law enforcement action against owners of illegal piracy websites such as the crime group indoXXi. There is a golden opportunity for Indonesia to be at the forefront of doing what is fair and proper, and to be a pioneer in the APAC Region.

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