Learn To Become a Businessman by Studying in SP Jain

Every year, many Indonesian students are interested in studying business majors. Not only domestic universities are flooded with enthusiasts, but also foreign universities. There are many destination countries that offer business majors, one of which is Singapore. In Singapore, higher education institutions that offer these favorite subjects have their respective advantages. You just have to choose what side of excellence suits your academic qualifications and future career opportunities.

One of the best choices is SP Jain Singapore, a top-ranking business school in Asia headquartered in Australia with campuses located in Sydney, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore. This educational institution is constantly trying to reinvent business education and offers innovative course programs in dynamic, world-class cities. The business school’s global ranking has been recognized and listed in Forbes, The Economist and the Financial Times.

Why Study at SP Jain Singapore?

Founded in 2004 in Dubai, SP Jain School of Global Management released its first campus. This business school focuses on producing reliable business leaders to succeed in facing the competitive global business world. The Global MBA program offered at SP Jain School of Global Management Singapore differs from similar programs at other institutions, in that this business school uniquely combines various global factors.

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